by Drew Holmes

Technology is a wonderful thing when it works and an amazing source of frustration when it does not.

We got in a new microphone, the RODE VideoMic Me-L, and as soon as I saw the box I was captivated. The Me-L is a miniature shotgun microphone with a built-in lightning plug, specifically designed to seamlessly integrate into an iPhone with no adapters or cables required. This was the microphone I envisioned when I first started making videos using my phone. …

By Drew Holmes

Have you ever had that dream where you are taking a math test you did not study for? For me that dream manifests itself on a football field getting ready to step off for a marching band show I have never learned. For one world-class concert pianist, however, this nightmare became a reality.

In 1999, Maria Joao Pires was playing a lunch concert with the Amsterdam Concertgebouworkest conducted by Riccardo Chailly. These types of concerts tend to be more informal, but it is still a live performance in front of a live audience. …

by Drew Holmes

Previously I have written about taking my now six-year old, Timothy, to the Major League Baseball 2021 All-Star Game at Coors Field. I want to expand his world through superlative experiences and given his enthrallment with baseball this was the ideal way to do it. Due to some sensory processing challenges that he has, our All-Star experience was cut short when unexpected pyrotechnics were set off during the National Anthem and he was unable to rally back from the surprise.

I know I had high hopes for that night to be the defining event of his summer…

by Drew Holmes

I saw the email and my heart sank. One of our string instrument suppliers was giving a heads up that they anticipated running out of student level instruments, specifically violins, within the next week or so, and the next anticipated availability would likely be sometime in October. These specific instruments are the lifeblood of our string rental pool and the first instruments students will use on their journey to learn to love making music.

Normally, this would not be a problem, as we would be nearing the end of the back-to-school rental rush. But as I looked…

by Drew Holmes

I have a picture of the first pitch of the 2004 World Series on the wall of my home studio. The game was at Fenway Park, home field of my beloved Boston Red Sox, and bears the autograph of the starting pitcher and catcher of that game.

By any reasonable metric that photograph never should have happened.

When asked who their favorite player is, Red Sox fans are usually divided on generational lines. David Ortiz or Pedro Martinez would be the expected modern choices, while Ted Williams is the quintessential favorite. …

By Drew Holmes

This week my visit to the schools in the Thompson School District happened to coincide with the first day of school. Over the last year and a half, I have not had the opportunity to see these educators with any regularity, so the day was spent reconnecting and catching up.

One fantastic conversation I had was with a middle school orchestra director. As usual, we talked about our families and what we had been up to this summer. And of course, we talked about the past school year and the one just started. …

by Drew Holmes

One morning back in July, I needed to be out of the house as early as possible. I was driving to Lakewood High School for the CBA Conference and did not want to wake Jamie, so I grabbed a work shirt out of the closet and got dressed in the dark.

I thought I had grabbed the correct shirt, since it was purple, but around lunch time I looked down and realized that instead of my Podcasting Store shirt, I had accidentally put on my Boomer Music Company shirt. …

by Drew Holmes

As Boomer Music’s Educational Representative for the Thompson School District, I have been helping my teachers get ready for the upcoming school year. It has been awesome to see the kids at band camp and everyone’s faces lighting up at the promise of resuming music making activities together.


That is a word that has taken on much meaning over the last year and a half. As any musician can tell you, shared struggles will unite us in ways that nothing else can. When we focus on the ensemble rather than ourselves the results are incredible.


Timothy has been begging us to take his bicycle on the street and, since he just got a new helmet and he is still using training wheels, we agreed. Well, we agreed to let him ride on the sidewalk, which for what he wants is just as good. There is a church around the corner with a big open parking lot and lots of ramps perfect for a soon to be six-year-old to gain confidence on his bike.

On the way home he was riding slowly, hit an uneven part of the sidewalk, and wiped out into the nearby grass…

by Drew Holmes

I sent the story “You Will Find a Fortune, Though it Will Not Be the One You Seek” to the Rockies partly to make them aware of the problem Timothy had at the All-Star Game, but mostly for me to help process my feelings about what happened. I had hoped it would get read and maybe replied to, but never in my wildest dreams would I have expected what happened next.

Kimberly Olson, Assistant to President/Chief Operating Officer Greg Feasel reached out to me after reading the story. She extended an offer from Greg to host Timothy…

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